Progress in the Gallery

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I was too wired, too overwhelmed by everything I still wanted to do, overly stimulated by some of the changes and surprises I’m preparing here in the gallery. (Ok, let’s be honest here: I’m also really nervous! The trip was wonderful and meant a lot to me. So do the paintings it inspired. I hope I can convey to my collectors the experience I had, the feelings behind the works, the inspiration, the uniqueness of each place and experience. So yes, there might be a little bit of anxiety, as I am generally quite an anxious girl, and excitement sometimes amps me up to the point where I get very restless.)

Despite its rough start, the day ended up being a good one. I made progress cleaning! I even have new bar stools, though my dog is certainly not impressed. And, most importantly, my friend who has exquisite taste and flair, plus a knack for simplifying things, offered to come help me for a few hours tomorrow in anticipation of my very first Sky Club Elite dinner! After a much needed swim, I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight. And a fun dinner tomorrow evening!

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