Sleeping Beauty

It rained today, not hard, not reminiscent of the hurricane, but in a soft mellow way that turns Houston rather magical. It rained and I overslept with my phone set to ‘Do Not Disturb’, and my whole family near and far ended up being really worried about me because they couldn’t reach me, which I felt terrible about, but which was also very sweet. Apparently my family will call the police if they can’t reach me for 45 minutes.

The rest of the day progressed in a fog, but it was a happy kind of fog. I ended up seeing a friend for a lovely late lunch, and another friend visited me unexpectedly in the evening, and even bought a painting she’d been wanting for a while.

It’s funny, because about two weeks ago when I came back from Europe I felt very lonely, but now I’m feeling connected to people and happy.

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