Happy Summer Vibes

Today the air outside felt like the breath of an angry dragon – even at night when I walked the dog then took a dip in the pool. Perhaps it didn’t help that I drank a lot of bubbly, but it was the last of my first batch of Sky Club Elite meals (I have two more at a later date), it was with a very special friend, we hadn’t seen each other in forever, and our conversation was as sparkling as the champagne. Besides, it was a Sunday and I awoke slightly hungover and had cold s’mores for breakfast. Sometimes it’s what you do. It was quite a fabulous day indeed.

Side notes: I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s City of Girls and enjoying it enormously.

Cold s’mores are great if you use very good dark chocolate. I used Tony’s Chocoloney, which I bought at Whole Foods because I’m way too lazy to go anywhere else. I haven’t left my neighborhood in over a week now, but sometimes I enjoy having everything nearby and not needing to go anywhere. Once John returns from Vietnam – any day now! – I will surely drive to the Heights.

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