Aphrodite Eating Crawfish

Sometimes I come across a picture so fabulous I just have to paint it. The one that inspired today’s painting features one of the most fabulous ladies I know, eating crawfish with so much gusto that it made me crave them – although I don’t even care for them so much. So there she was, Aphrodite eating crawfish and I just had to paint her and couldn’t even really do her justice. If you’ve been to my gallery you’ve probably seen another painting of this very cool lady, in the kitchen, featuring two lemons (It’s actually called When Life Gives You Lemons). She’s one of my favorite muses, and that’s not just because she’s a very striking brunette, but also because she’s a survivor with an indomitable spirit, and that despite the many difficulties she’s faced, she’s always up for a good time and a good laugh and she knows just how to enjoy everything to the max. Like those crawfish!

Also, I like the idea of including a little bit of Louisiana into my upcoming Bastille Day celebration. And my muse is perfect for representing Louisiana. She’s even once lost all her possessions in a hurricane. But never ever ever her joie de vivre or her sense of humor.

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