A Girl and her Cello

I’m so very happy that I love the painting I did today. It’s inspired by @_djgfunk (Check out her Instagram … More

Queen of the Gallery

Summer is definitely here! My friend and I ate lunch outside today and it was so very hot! Other than … More

A Suite at the Ritz

Today I hosted my next-to-last Sky Club Elite dinner. It was a lot of fun! The gallery dog was in … More

A Very Happy Sunday

One thing I really like about my dog is that she smiles when she’s happy. She was smiling this morning … More

Outdoor Dining

Today my friend celebrated her birthday at Brasserie 19, and it was quite a lovely occasion. We sat outside, and … More

Sleeping Figure

I decided that I needed to paint another sleeping figure. Also, this is me every morning, not quite ready to … More

City of Girls

Let’s get the unpopular opinion out of the way first: I dislike Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, the Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat … More


Some days I’m too lazy to do anything and the simple act of feeding myself (and the dog) seems like … More