Rainbow Vodka and Other Good Things

Today I decided to get serious about planning my upcoming Summer Solstice party, and since it’s scheduled for Pride Weekend I decided that I simply must have the iconic Absolut Rainbow vodka bottles, and craft some kind of celebratory cocktail with this LGBTQ-friendly beverage. This required a trip to the big SPEC’s store downtown, a trip I kind of dreaded because of traffic, but which ended up being quite magical. I felt a little disconnected lately from all the reasons why I love Houston so much, but today, with the Pride vodka bottles clinking in my trunk, I decided to brave Midtown at rush hour and get a Vietnamese sandwich, and that changed everything. My warm sandwich cost $3.50, came in a white paper bag, and consisted of fresh veggies, shredded chicken, and the crustiest baguette ever, and it occurred to me once more that despite heat and traffic and a few other inconveniences, this city is a very welcoming place, embracing diversity and offering so many different options and experiences. Apparently, a good sandwich can change my whole outlook on life. Also, the vodka bottles are so very pretty and I’m excited that we get to celebrate everyone being free to be themselves. And if that wasn’t enough to make a great day, in the evening I got to see Nancy.

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