Sleeping Figure

I decided that I needed to paint another sleeping figure. Also, this is me every morning, not quite ready to get up, and literally hiding inside a self-made pillow fort. Still, slowly but surely I’m getting my life in order. Today I made some phone calls I’d been putting off, tried to be a little more serious about my workout (I’m adding interval training to my swimming so that I can actually burn more calories!), did some cleaning, and finally, in the evening went to a party at John’s. It had its usual happy energy, plus towards the end he brought out the dogs and I got to kiss Nancy. I’d say all in all it’s been a good day, though some sort of melancholy feeling still lingers. I suppose this is a time to create my own world, professionally and otherwise, and it all feels a bit daunting and a little lonely. Still, whenever I feel myself getting a little blue, I remind myself there’s a carousel downstairs, and that helps matters considerably.

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