A Girl and her Cello

I’m so very happy that I love the painting I did today. It’s inspired by @_djgfunk (Check out her Instagram account!) and a beautiful picture she posted of herself with her cello. I had a cello once, though I lost it in the process of one of my many transformations, but mine was a decorative object, whereas she actually knows how to play hers, and that’s really cool.

I also hung some art in a secret corner of the gallery. And Holly, the little brat, after being hostile to a very cute boy Boston we met on our walk, wrote a poem. Scroll down to read it!

If Only

by Holly G Sandovici

If only I liked dogs,

My human would have many friends.

They’d eat ice cream together

And braid each other’s hair

And give each other pinkeye

By sharing mascara.

I’d have many friends too

Of the canine variety.

We’d run around in circles

And sniff each other’s

Anal glands.

Wouldn’t that be just peachy?

Seriously, don’t you think

Socializing is overrated?

I’d rather walk in silence

And watch glimmers of light

On the lush leaves of trees

Where squirrels sleep

And insects buzz at dusk.

I’d rather enjoy

The scent of peaceful walks,

The sound of my human’s footsteps

Falling in line with mine.

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