The Horses

Today was a great day for writing, but not really a good day for much else. Perhaps I spent too much time glued to my computer, too much time sitting on the couch, but eventually I sank into some sort of unpleasant melancholy from which it was hard to extract myself. Luckily I had a long phone conversation with my friend, and though some of the big important matters of life seemed beyond our power to change, talking helped, and eventually the conversation drifted to things like poached chicken and corn tortillas, to working out at the Y, and other fairly pleasant and interesting things that are indeed within our control. Making myself walk my daily 10,000 steps and then some helped too. So in the end it wasn’t perhaps such a bad day.

The part of the story I worked on today has to do with some horses which were the protagonists of a rather peculiar storm survival story and, according to gossip, went on to live upstairs in their owner’s mansion for many years. Rumor has it horses can climb stairs but cannot descend them. I did a lot of research on this, and it’s not true. Horses are not terribly keen on going down the stairs, but they are fully capable of it. Still, the horse cameo in my story is pure speculation, and as such, it’s totally ok for it to be a little bit far-fetched.

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