The Dog that Started it All

I’m getting all these lovely pictures of people’s dogs to paint! It’s all so exciting. So, before I throw myself wholeheartedly into the Dog Days of Summer, I decided to take it easy today and do a quick sketch of the dog that started it all, aka the Biggest Dog in the Universe.

I had a really nice day today. It was sunny and beautiful and I got to have a nice lunch with a good friend and also swim in the pool with her, then had dinner with a new friend. Although my day was such a frenzy of activity, I do feel that all in all I’m developing a more balanced routine these days. It revolves around work (marketing, painting, writing), exercise, trying to eat well, and keeping the gallery clean. I find that all of these things make me happy. All in all I feel like this is shaping up to be quite a nice summer.

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