What Suzanne Would Have Worn

My day started with yin yoga at the Y, which was quite wonderful. Few things can help you relax and release pent up tension like yin. I felt like I was melting into my Manduka mat. My poor battered Manduka mat, which has paint stains on it, but which is still the sturdiest most well-cushioned mat money can buy, and also one of the few objects that I’ve seen fit to take with me throughout my many transformations. It’s been in my life for almost as long as my dog has!

After yoga I worked out on the elliptical in the Y’s designated female-only workout area. I didn’t think I’d want to work out in there because I enjoy opportunities to talk to the male of the species, especially if the male is into health and fitness and a balanced lifestyle, but it turns out the women’s workout area is very pretty, and not having big sweaty guys working out nearby makes it feel very clean and pleasant.

After all that I was pumped full of endorphins and ended up having quite a lovely day. My fridge was full of yummy leftovers from yesterday’s party, the dog was perky as usual, and I started working on the fourth draft of my Galveston ghost story – I’m finally starting to feel like it’s coming to something.

I also found a picture online that inspired me (check out @palariivechi on Instagram) so, although the dog portraits are going really well (and yes, please keep them coming!) I painted this outfit circa 1900 instead. I think this is what Suzanne would have worn.

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