Blast from the Past

They say things from the past are likely to come up during Retrograde, and I found myself nostalgic for some old friends today, namely the characters of Dogs with Bagels, my first novel. I even reread the first chapter. Funny, I’d always thought it was a bit of a liability, narrated in L’s voice, as it might make readers think the whole story was about her, told from her perspective, when in fact the book does that cool postmodern switch between her first-person account and the third-person one featuring Maria. Rereading it now, all these years later, I thought the voice felt fresh and real and absolutely did what I wanted it to do. In fact, I found it pretty smooth, and took some comfort in the thought that I got it to be that way through many painstaking revisions – which hopefully means that with a lot of patience the ghost story can turn out just as good. And as some point, if I need a break from revising it, I’ll start working on Dogs with Bagels 3. I haven’t really thought of what adventures the characters would get up to in the third book, but I know it’ll still be easy for me to slip into that world.

Also, I’m becoming obsessed with the idea of making audiobooks because well, I’m obsessed with audiobooks. I need to do some serious research on this…

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