From the Deep

No idea exactly why I felt compelled to draw a mermaid today. Maybe it’s because we’re in Cancer season, and it’s a water sign, or maybe it has something to do with my Galveston ghost story. In any case, I like the drawing and I had quite a good day today, from my breakfast meeting with my mentor to discuss a secret project, to my workout with audiobooks, my communication with the special collector about shipping the red Boston to London, buying mini corn dogs for my dog’s birthday party, and finally breaking out of my routine and going out this evening to an event that was not visual arts related: I went to Grown-up Storytime at Rudyard’s in Montrose and it was very well attended and very funny, and, aside from the friend who invited me and a friend of his I might have met once before, there were absolutely no familiar faces in the room. This doesn’t happen much at the things I usually go to, and it was nice to have a fresh reminder that I live in a very big city and there are many many people here I haven’t met. Since tonight’s Capricorn moon is quite powerful in terms of intention setting, I resolve to venture out again soon and to expand my circle.

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