Cats Too

In which I have the honor of painting this beautiful cat – and also get to remind y’all that I paint cats too, in addition to dogs, and that I’d be happy to paint other animals as well.

What else? I finished an audiobook that captivated me, about New York in 1885, went to the Y, and made the most amazing thing for dinner: pasta with roast corn and fresh tomatoes and asparagus, all the summer things that I love so much. This absolutely is my favorite season!


  1. E!! I love the painting of Miss Maggie! Thank you!
    And what was the name of the audio book, please? I really enjoy books about New York in that time period. Thanks.

    1. Ginny, I’m so happy you like the painting! ❤️
      The book is called The Address by Fiona Davis. It’s very interesting, among other things I learned historical facts I never knew, some quite chilling: There used to be an infamous insane asylum on Roosevelt Island where my cousins grew up, and where I spent a significant amount of time as a kid myself. How did I not know that? Creepy!

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