Sleep Is One of My Favorite Things

Sleep is one of my favorite things, and after a very full day I feel very sleepy. I had a … More


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Wildflowers with Truck

Today ended up being a really good day. I worked out, made good food, had long and interesting phone conversations … More

Trust Your Instincts?

I painted these champagne glasses because this is totally the type of thing Betty would love to look at: the … More

Do I Like Betty Best?

Today I reached the part about Betty in my fifth draft of the Galveston ghost story. And each time I … More

Made for Watercolor

Some objects are just made for watercolor, and I’m convinced that my new espresso/cappuccino machine is one of them. It’s … More


In which I had to paint another seascape because I enjoy the process of making these, also because the two … More

Hanging the Arabesques

Please bear with me for one more day as I show more pictures of hanging the Arabesques while preserving secrecy … More