Mike and the Carousel

The featured puppy is my uncle’s dog, Mike! I was so honored to paint him today, on my uncle’s birthday – the same uncle whose mom has kept my oil paintings from when I was 16, and whom I saw back in April.

After painting Mike I attempted in vain to call my grandma whose birthday it also was today. I “spoke” to my lizard who couldn’t hear me and who failed to put grandma on the phone, but who was happy to have me on the line so she repeated a few things about ten times before letting me go.

Then it was time to pack up my carousel horses and drive to Galveston for my show at Prohibition Red’s. I had never been there before, so I didn’t know the upstairs used to be a brothel! I was worried about placing my carousel horses in such a setting, but they are spunkier than I gave them credit for. They loved the venue, red drapes and all, and absolutely refused to come back home with me. You can admire them and a few other of my paintings upstairs at Prohibition Red’s until the next Art Walk!

The evening held quite a bit of magic in store. The live music was fun, and I had a few encounters that made the whole trip down absolutely worth it! I met the collector who bought the very first Betty painting I’d ever made from Tangerine Boutique. It was very exciting to make that connection! I also saw a lady who said I’d given her my card five years ago, and who had checked the other day to see if I still had the website (yes, I do!) and saw that I was coming to Galveston. Talk about serendipity! And I met my friend’s little girl for the very first time. She’s already 18 months old, old enough to walk by herself, old enough to dance to the music, and old enough to want to wander off on her own and explore. I love curious children!

After a short walk with my friend, whom I hadn’t seen all summer, because it’s been such a busy summer, I drove home hoping the carousel horses would continue to have a good time. Please don’t judge them for having such loose morals!

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