In which I had to paint another seascape because I enjoy the process of making these, also because the two I made earlier this summer found very good homes with wonderful collectors who love the sea, which makes me really happy. And September is sea turtle month here at the gallery, so seascapes are in order! I’ll let you know about my sea-turtle-related events shortly. Also, I’m planning an event in Galveston in a few weeks! It’s been forever since I’ve visited the Island – except in my mind. In my mind I go there each morning, but not as myself. I go as Suzanne or Betty or Katie and being in their skins and in their heads is very different. They are all artists like me, but I am stronger, with a healthier sense of my priorities and much more self-confidence as an artist. Anyway, I might bring one of my Betty paintings to the Island just for fun!

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