Trust Your Instincts?

I painted these champagne glasses because this is totally the type of thing Betty would love to look at: the transparencies, the light reflected on glass. I’m actually tempted to do more of these. I might even buy thicker watercolor paper so it can handle me getting looser and more liquid.

Unrelated, but not really, I’m having a conversation with a friend about trusting our instincts. And I’m starting to think that art is probably a good way to learn to do that. Especially the getting loose part, the whole allowing oneself a certain degree of freedom in painting – that’s when our instincts step in and I believe we can get as finely attuned to them as we can to observing light. I suppose it’s a way of meticulously observing our own feelings and letting them guide us.

Mine were kind of all over the place today. I was feeling overly sensitive and a bit too critical of myself, overly self-conscious. I get like that sometimes. I need really nurturing people around me in order to fully feel comfortable and appreciated and understood. I’m lucky I have a few good friends I can talk to about these things.

Still, despite my feeling overly sensitive, the evening had something very nice in store: Dinner at Eunice, a most beautiful place with lovely food that might just be my new favorite restaurant.

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