A Dog Portrait and a Trip Downtown

Today I painted another dog portrait. I also took a trip downtown to attend a book club meeting at Finn … More

Smaller Pieces

Today I made some smaller pieces to go with the Arabesque series. I also had an especially good run on … More

Back to Pink

Y’all surely know by now that I really really really love pink, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I included … More

Swimming Pool

Today’s painting is different. It was originally inspired by the glimmer of water in the swimming pool, but it grew … More

Wood Patterns

Today’s Arabesque painting is different. It’s inspired by wood patterns. It’s an idea that came to me this morning while … More

Purple and Gold

Today I added a big purple painting to the Arabesque series. I also had a very satisfying conversation tracking the … More

Smokey the Cat

Meet Smokey the cat. He is very regal and has beautiful grey fur. It was definitely an honor to paint … More


Some things I learned today: Giving full course to my obsession for gold and transparencies, for patches of vibrant colors, … More

Meet Rascal

This is my friend’s dog, Rascal. Isn’t he a cutie pie? I’m really enjoying painting all these pet portraits! I … More