Some things I learned today: Giving full course to my obsession for gold and transparencies, for patches of vibrant colors, and art that changes dramatically in different kinds of light, will result in paintings that are almost impossible to photograph but are so very satisfying. Also, I need to create an opportunity for collectors to come see my growing new Arabesque series in person.

The pancakes at Dish Society are really really good.

I need to stop saying I don’t do abstract art, as I clearly do, and there are people who have some lovely abstract art I made in their homes. One of these people was at the White Linen party last night, and it was so great to see her!

After partying for four days in a row I tend to be exhausted but absolutely giddy with excitement.

When you see a piece of art you really love, and you have a special connection to it, and it keeps crossing your path, you should buy it if you can. I got my very first original John Ross Palmer painting today, and I’m so excited to get to see it all the time now in my own room. Can you find it in this picture? A painting with a very special history, it was one of the paintings on display at the very first party I attended at John and Ryan’s two years ago, and it made quite an impression on me. It’s part of a series of paintings he made in Havana in 2016. There’s even a documentary about them, check it out on YouTube! I figured I deserved a big meaningful treat for being so good lately.

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