More Red – And White Linen

Some of the new paint supplies I’d ordered arrived today, so I dug in. I decided to let myself play with another abstract piece – though breaking rules, even my own, is always hard for me. I decided to paint layers and layers of red pretty much without thinking – that too is hard for me, as I am thinking all the time. Then I fell into the eternal trap: What if I actually liked the first layer better than the subsequent ones? I suppose that’s ok, as I can keep adding. And who knows, perhaps one day I’ll get better at dealing with the uncertainty of painting abstract.

In the evening my friend and I had a lovely dinner at Ouisie’s Table (Restaurant Week has started – and I decided it’s my favorite holiday, right after Thanksgiving!) then went to John and Ryan’s epic White Linen party, which was a total blast. There were so many people there! It was quite interesting, and among all the commotion I still got kisses from Nancy, so that’s what matters.

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