On Mondays We Monday

Somebody told me today was National Teddy Bear Day so I painted a teddy bear. You might notice he looks kind of unhappy and that’s because today was a Monday and the dog and I had to a Monday pretty hard. I was upset because I had to get up early and go on an errand. She was upset because the errand consisted of having her nails trimmed at the vet. Afterwards I had to go to the post office, where sending off the Pink Arabesque to its new home was actually a joyous occasion and also very straightforward, but sending my friend’s birthday gift to Amsterdam was more complicated. I had to decide if my unwillingness to fill out a customs form trumped my desire for a tracking number. It did. I have such an aversion to forms, I can’t even begin to tell you! So the package commenced its journey to Amsterdam untracked and I went to the Y where my mood improved slightly after my workout, then went to grab a Mediterranean chicken pita thingy to take home because I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store. The pita thingy was actually very good, and I had a long talk with my friend about some things that have been on my mind lately. We ended up laughing, and as the day wound down I realized I’m more at peace about a lot of things. I still think one of the dog’s dew claws is rather long, and it bothers me a little, but probably not enough to go back to the vet – especially if it involves waking up early. Tomorrow I shall resume my ritual of not setting an alarm clock, and savoring my coffee while writing. Oh, and I also did a lot of laundry, including of the actual hand-washing variety, just in case you think perhaps my Monday wasn’t Monday enough.


    1. Haha! I love being silly and playful – it’s how I show my love of words at times! 😉 Also, I think I’ll have one of those chicken pita thingies today too. It was so good and I still don’t feel like going to the store!

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