The Bayou Outside My Door

Today it rained. At first it wasn’t bad here, and the news pulling me back into the sadness of Harvey was from Beaumont. Beaumont and the surrounding area flooded really bad. My former neighbor sent me a picture of my former house, the yard full of water, and I was thankful it’s no longer mine to worry about. I was, in fact, letting go of the last remnants of hold that previous life had on me, when I realized it was raining hard here too out of a sudden, and the bayou was pretty much at my front door. A step and a stoop stood between my gallery and the flooded sidewalk. Each car that passed caused an ocean-like wave to clash against the step. I told myself the stoop was high enough to protect me. I stood there for a long time, mesmerized. It was surreal to see the rain, my very urban street turned into swamp wilderness, the tree barks dark and majestic rising out the water, the cars still struggling through against all common sense. I had no choice but to cheer them on on their nonsensical errand and pray they’d all get to safety.

The water drained. It rose again. I was hoping against hope the roads would be safe enough in the evening to get to MoNique’s Monarch Society. I was going to wear the Chanel skirt and vest my friend gave me. The Monarch Society evening got cancelled. I almost cried over it, and felt really sad for MoNique as that is such a special moment for an Escapist.

My friend took refuge at my place on her way home from work, waiting for the highway to be safe to drive. My street had drained by then. I’m pleased with its drainage system. I remember it from Harvey. I’m safe here. I was still sad the special evening got rained out. I still felt claustrophobic, though I got to walk the dog extensively after the water drained. I was still heartbroken for people who suffered flood damage once again – some of the same people who lost their homes to Harvey. Harvey memories haunted me all day, yet this storm was different and I am different too. The things I worry about have changed. So have the people I call to check up on, the ones who check on me – with some exceptions, though few have stayed in my life and in my inner circle through this transition.

Also, I did buy the painting I wanted. It’s called Vibrational Static and it’s so very fabulous! Tomorrow is MoNique’s solo show, and by then we will all definitely be ready to party! And I’ll get to see my precious new painting in the gallery! It sparkles and does all sorts of magical things!

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