Next Level of Magic

Today I got back to my old love of drawing buildings – complete with pigeons taking shelter on a ledge. I’m getting ready to announce my next commission opportunity, just in time for Christmas, which involves me doing personalized watercolors of houses!

I also got to go to John’s today, where he was performing surgery on Alexander Ross, the carousel horse, in order to insert a light inside. But, as magical as that sounds, I was actually there for something else: I was there for a preview of MoNique LeRoux’ solo show, which totally blew me away. I fell in love with a large blue and gold painting. So in love that I might actually have to have it. It’s interesting to experience this art buying adventure from the other side – not selling, but actually wanting to buy someone’s work because you feel a deep personal connection. I haven’t entirely granted myself permission yet to purchase the beautiful painting. I tend to be impulsive with my splurges – Remember how I bought a dog at a charity gala? – but sometimes I try to teach myself restraint. Though, really, who am I kidding? The whole purpose of restraint, after all, is to enjoy some spectacular lack thereof every now and then.

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