Shrimp Cocktail

In which my fridge is full of yummy leftovers, I decide to take it easy after a really busy weekend, I take two yoga classes back to back, and the highlight of my day is how much I love my old battered and paint-splattered dining room table being in the middle of the room with the new orchid on top and surrounded by the chairs dressed in the slipcovers my friend gave me. Little things like that make me really happy – which doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally splurge on the big things, but more on that later. I’ve a pretty epic adventure in store.

Also, my historical expert sent me her notes on my Betty manuscript today. As usual, she has really good insights, some of which are funny. She notices, for example that Betty eats way too much meatloaf – not a practical choice for summer in a home with faulty ACs. Point taken. I have to invent some other meals for Betty. What did people eat in 1961? So far I’ve come across shrimp cocktail. I also found out that was the year carpaccio was invented – but it’s unlikely Betty would have been eating such a thing in Galveston.

Also, my lucky lizard is still around. He’s shifted to sleeping on the other side of the lemon tree, and is now on a different leaf, with his tail hanging, not curled. But he’s still there. And I hope this little cold front we’re having doesn’t upset him.

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