Sometimes I cook for friends. I have to admit I haven’t done this in a long time, so even an old favorite, like polenta with mussels felt a bit daunting, but I pulled it off. It was a fun meal – though I will advise against falling for the lure of instant polenta. The real deal bubbles like a volcano and requires patience, luck, and skill, but tastes so much better! Live and learn. The mussels and clams were tasty, though, and it’s the kind of meal that’s fun to share.

My friends brought me an orchid. I will need to do some research to find out how to keep it alive and thriving. It’s a most beautiful thing, and secretly I’ve always wanted one.

Also, and this is very exciting: today I took my carousel horses, and the big painting of tapas I made for my art show in Barcelona years ago, to a store called Feliz Interiors (1305 S Voss Rd) where they will coexist with many wonderful and quite fascinating objects until they meet collectors who love them and want to take them home. I’m so excited! It’s a beautiful store full of eclectic and happy gifts and furnishings. I know the carousel horses will have a lovely time there!


  1. E, just don’t fall for the “ice cube” method of watering your lovely orchid. And they hate wet feet so don’t sit it in a saucer of water. Yours is a phalaenopsis, easy to grow with a long bloom period. Check out phalaenopsiscare.net. Happy orchid growing!

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