It’s a Charmed Life

Today was such a great day – starting with a birthday party for my youngest collector who is now eight years old, to the fabulous formal gala thrown by my mentors to celebrate the graduation of another cohort of Escapist artists! It occurred to me this afternoon, while I was painting carousel horses, that I truly live a charmed life. It’s amazing that I get to do what I do and have this much fun every day! And I’m so thankful to my mentors for teaching me the business skills I need in order to thrive, and to all the collectors who have supported me! I was so excited to be at the gala, this year as a guest. My top collectors had the VIP table, which was unbelievably special, and they invited me and my friend to sit with them. It was very exciting and very special, and there was a wonderful surprise for me when I got to the table: Alexander Ross, the vintage carousel horse, was the centerpiece! I was so happy that John put him there for me to enjoy, it made me feel very special.

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