Getting Ready for the Party

Tomorrow is the black tie gala at John and Ryan’s and I’m so excited! Last year this was quite a production, and it made quite an impression on me. In fact, I had a dream about the gala last night. This morning I looked through my pictures and found a picture from last year’s black tie, or rather the preparations for it, a picture I snapped while lighting candles on the stairs leading to John’s studio. I was wearing my sequin dress from Tootsie’s and my Wonder Woman shoes. I love those moments before a party, the lighting of candles, the excitement of knowing people are coming. Tomorrow I’m wearing a very different dress, and it will all be different because I won’t be graduating nor selling art. Last year I sold a ton as people took a lot of interest in my graduation exhibit. It was overwhelming in the best possible way. Tomorrow it won’t be about that, just about having fun and supporting the new graduates. It feels a bit like the day before Christmas. Even the weather obliged and turned suddenly chilly. Normally I don’t welcome the first cold front. I get a little bummed at the beginning of the long boring season when humans have to wear socks. But today the crispness had a certain magic quality to it. Maybe because I’m anticipating the gala. Or maybe because I’m really loving my new display of frames. Maybe because I’m overall in a good place and interesting things keep happening. I’m starting to think that even three whole months of having to wear socks won’t be that bad. At least in Texas we don’t need socks every day. I’m still hoping to wear my Wonder Woman shoes tomorrow.

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