Neo Baroque

I’d totally forgotten this term. I learned it from a literature professor years ago, and I might be misusing it, but the way she explained it it was a mixture of styles in art and literature, an exuberant and rather life-affirming current following postmodernism. I think that’s the terminology I’d use to describe Feliz Interiors, and how my carousel horses fit in there. I visited them today, and it was so exciting to see them! I also brought some framed watercolors, which were an exciting element to add to the eclectic and colorful offerings of the store.

Tonight I also hosted my very first painting lesson with a collector who is very special to me. We talked a lot and had a lot of fun, and I love the ways in which she explored different types of paint and different surfaces.

My drawing today is pretty random, something I saw on Instagram, the image of a pretty girl with sunglasses wearing a Romanian blouse in Parc Guell.

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