Marigolds and Tiaras

Today I went on an adventure: I went back to Bombay Sweets, my favorite Indian restaurant I hadn’t visited since my birthday, and I went accessory shopping in Little India. I found a store full of sparkling tiaras, where everything was inexpensive and the people were really nice. Then I drove to the art supply store and bought different kinds of paints and brushes for the painting play date I’m hosting tomorrow! I’m very excited about people’s response to these painting classes – it makes me happy to realize this is something people want, something fun and unique I can offer!

On my way home from the gym I stopped to buy cereal, and happened upon fresh marigolds in the flower section. I just love marigolds and am obsessed with the beauty, mystery, and good intentions behind the Dia de los Muertos altars that pop up around town this time of year. I arranged my marigolds on the table in the gallery, and with all the small framed watercolors around, it does look a bit like an ofrenda in honor of Betty and Edna. I like that.

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