Different Shades of Holly Golightly

So the weather did something cruel, and inflicted upon us a day that felt like winter. It’s well known that these things make me sad, and even my feisty little dog turns melancholic on such occasions. It’s also well known that such weather usually doesn’t last long in our part of the world, so here’s hoping. All I could bring myself to draw today was my dog’s sad little face.

In the evening I turned myself into Holly Golightly for my friend’s Halloween party. The party was fun. Everyone was in costume, and there was really good Mexican food. Also, little chocolate cakes of which I ate two. Nobody gave me fifty dollars for the powder room. John gave me a quarter. Then I returned home to Holly Golightly the dog, who still seems a bit sad and is currently hiding under the duvet. Let’s hope tomorrow the sun comes out again.

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