Marigolds and Tiaras

Today I went on an adventure: I went back to Bombay Sweets, my favorite Indian restaurant I hadn’t visited since … More

All the Coffee

Some days you need all the coffee. I was so tired today after last night’s party, but at least I … More

Colors of Fall

Today I painted an African Grey parrot. His name is Joey and he’s very special. I really loved painting him, … More

Come Play!

Today I painted this happy commission of a beautiful woman eating crawfish, and I was overall in a very joyful … More

Neo Baroque

I’d totally forgotten this term. I learned it from a literature professor years ago, and I might be misusing it, … More

Les Deux Magots

Tonight I felt like doing a quick sketch of one of the most iconic Paris cafés, Les Deux Magots. I … More

Blue Grackle

Today was better than yesterday, though some things were quite irksome. Still, I enjoyed a good workout, and even took … More

Dogs Always

Today I got to paint a dog portrait, and I want to use this opportunity to remind y’all that I … More


Today was the graduation brunch for the 2019 Escapists. It was so much fun, such a wonderful celebration! I feel … More

It’s a Charmed Life

Today was such a great day – starting with a birthday party for my youngest collector who is now eight … More