Gingerbread Houses

Today it was cold. And I mean really cold. Like bring your plants inside so they don’t freeze cold. My least favorite kind of weather. Still, I managed to have a great day. In the morning I met with Ryan to talk about how my business did this year and how I can grow next year. Lots of great ideas and inspiration came out of the meeting! I’m very excited about my future plans!

Also, I have found someone I can hire to help me so I can start doing First Saturday Arts Market again in the new year! Things are definitely going to be different if I actually have support.

For some reason today, on the coldest day, perhaps because I was in a great mood, I stopped for a brief moment at the Arboretum. It was so beautiful! I resolve to actually go back and walk when it’s not freezing out! And I made gingerbread house paintings. I will be making more!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the arboretum pics, e. Yes, do go back and explore the beauty of nature!
    And I need to thank you for the consistency of your blog posts! I do so enjoy them. And it’s a pleasure watching you and your business grow 😊.

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