Ready for the Solstice?

With the Solstice upon us, and my Winter Solstice Party tomorrow night, I decided to make a few sparkly Christmas tree paintings to replace the carousel horses that sold last night.

As if getting ready for the longest night of the year, the dog and I have been sleepy all day, and in fact are about to get into our freshly changed bed and go night-night early so we can shine bright tomorrow.

I’ve been really happy all day, remembering last night. I felt like what I really wanted to achieve for the Holidays has happened: I just wanted to be able to offer people who are looking for gifts a one-stop shopping experience with absolutely no stress. Everything ready and wrapped while they visit and have a good time. Last night several people bought gifts – lots of books, some small framed watercolors, tiny paintings on wood, Christmas ornaments – and they were happy to have them wrapped or stashed in Holiday gift bags. I feel like that was a huge success.

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