Follow Your Star

Happy Winter Solstice! Stay magical! Follow your star! For me today was a wonderful day! Both my mentors came to … More

Ready for the Solstice?

With the Solstice upon us, and my Winter Solstice Party tomorrow night, I decided to make a few sparkly Christmas … More

Ray of Light

Watercolor of reindeer decoration my friend Ray brought me tonight. It’s the most beautiful thing ever! I had a party … More

The Empress

I spent a happy portion of my morning with my manuscript. I also did some doodling. The drawing above is … More

Meeting Dr. Carolyn Farb

Something truly magical happened today: My mentor John Ross Palmer introduced me to Dr. Carolyn Farb – one of the … More

Christmas Wreath 2019

Each year I like to paint a watercolor of a Christmas wreath and to make products with its image for … More

Stormy Sea

Today I remembered the advice I was given recently by Tanna Bennett, one of my favorite Houston artists, about using … More