Paris in My Sketchbook

Le Louvre. 9×12. Ink drawing on paper. $100

I’ve always found the Louvre very appealing, from an architectural point of view, that is. There’s something about the building that I really love. So I’ve always wanted to draw some of the intricate sculptures adorning it. Today I got my chance, as the first part of my day involved waiting.

It’s been a complex day, torn between my tendency to overthink things and over-worry, and a sense of pleasant anticipation and optimism for the future. How I can make such contradictory emotions coexist I don’t know, but somehow I manage.

Tomorrow I’m baking bread and having a few friends and collectors over. My Christmas trees are still up – but I do like to leave them up longer than most people in this country do. I’ll take them down before leaving for New York next week, considering they’re a fire hazard and all that, but I feel like I’ll miss them. And then I realized that when I go see my old ladies later this month – because I will go see my old ladies and I’m a bit afraid of the encounter, afraid of finding them older and frailer than I left them – they’ll probably still have their tree up. My old lizard likes to keep it around extra long because she says it helps her not get the winter blues.

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