Where Are You Going?

Where are you going, crazy girl? my friend the pigeon seemed to ask from his windowsill as I was packing my odd assortment of stuff. I was wondering the same myself. It seemed silly to leave when I was having such a lovely time. And yet, my last day here – usually fraught with anxiety – was peaceful and happy. While I wish this trip would not come to an end so soon, I overall feel very positive about it, positive about the things I wanted to accomplish, the information I’ve gathered, the closeness I’ve created and renewed with people I care about. The next part of my trip – back to NYC, to Chinatown because something pulls me towards that part of the city – is perhaps a bit crazy, but it’s guided by instinct and inspiration in a way I haven’t often allowed myself to experience in the past. I guess it’ll be a big adventure and like any adventure it’s a bit unsettling. We’ll see.

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