My Work Makes Me Happy

Ok, so perhaps things are far from ideal. The weather was miserable today – the kind of wet and cold Houston winter day that gets into your bones – and taxes suck and there’s a lot I still don’t understand, but the truth is that my favorite part of any day are the coffee-fueled hours in the morning and early afternoon when I’m writing and brainstorming and creating posts to advertise on social media, and coming up with ideas for events, and writing newsletters, and scanning my work to turn into products or sell in my online store. Today it was precisely those hours that made me feel optimistic and made me realize that I can break even an unwieldy project like taxes into bite-size pieces and tackle it somehow. Meanwhile, I can enjoy my addiction to an app called Canva, which lets me create fun Instagram posts with quotes from my novel, I can have fun with the last of the editing, I can start getting ready for the horses, and I can work on my online store. Which, in case y’all didn’t know is attached to this blog. Click on ‘Shop’ in the Menu and you’ll see. The nice thing about creating so many works on paper is that I can offer originals at unbeatable prices.

Of course, prints are nice too, and so are products featuring my art, so, if you’re interested in those, click on the ‘Buy Prints and Products’ link instead and it’ll take you to my Society6 page.

I just made all these horse-themed products and more! Also, here’s today’s Instagram post created in Canva.

On top of all this I also made it to the gym. There I took a fairly cute selfie wearing my green jacket I bought ten years ago in Barcelona and loved ever since, and that was extremely satisfying, because sometimes, even in dreadful weather, when I’m having a good day I can enjoy the small things quite a lot.

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