Mardi Gras

Today I actually had a really good day, and one of the great things about it was volunteering at a Magpies and Peacocks. There, while sorting fabric, I eyed a magnificent gold dress by designer Jerri Moore, and I just had to try it on. It was beyond magical but a little out of my price range given that I’ve just returned from a pretty extravagant trip and am getting ready for the horses. I mean, horses are expensive. But look how fabulous the dress is! Even if I decided not buy it (for now), it made me feel really good, and reminded me of all things fun – including Mardi Gras, which is this weekend, and which I sometimes wish to celebrate, sometimes wish to avoid. I’m leaning towards celebrating right now, so I bought a beautiful cream cream cheese king cake and some very dark roast coffee for my first horse-related event tomorrow. I might not get to wear the gold dress, but I do have another pretty fabulous outfit in mind, and I might play some Kevin Anthony and G-Town for atmosphere.

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