Wash Your Hands and Make Horses

Today my friend came by to teach me a few tricks about building a wire armature. We are all trying to stay positive. So we washed our hands and made little horses. Later, though, I couldn’t quite stay put and so I joined two other friends at Eunice for drinks and oysters and gumbo and other good things. Mostly really we needed company and laughter. It boosts our immune systems. And our mayor, whom I trust, and who’s made many difficult and sensible decisions, encouraged people to keep enjoying Houston’s wonderful restaurants. So we did. We all felt a lot better afterwards.

If need be, yes, I can in an emergency situation stay home, draw, write, make horses, and kiss my dog’s belly – I was told dogs are still safe to touch – but today I proceeded with caution and very clean hands out into the world because my friends and I needed a big shot of optimism.

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