Time for Magic

Today was a mixed bag, but some magical things did happen: I got over my fear of people coming too close to me long enough to take a long walk through a neighborhood by my house, and in someone’s yard I saw several life size horse statues! That was really inspiring.

Later in the day when I was doing my Facebook Live, my Galveston friends showed up as viewers and the more people I thought of, the more they showed up as if summoned. Even Robert Kuhn, the musician whose music I was playing in the background, joined us. It was a moment full of synchronicity. And I realized Matilda doesn’t want to be a carousel horse in Paris. She wants to be a carousel horse on the Pleasure Pier in Galveston. And when this time of isolation ends I will go down there and ride that carousel.

Later at night my friends and I were talking about burning sage and palo santo and so I painted that for my quarantine supplies series.

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