In which the whole world just wants to bake bread (or at least my friends and I do) and someone’s bought all the baker’s yeast. Luckily my friend dropped off some sourdough starter at my front door yesterday, and this morning when I opened the fridge, there it was, bubbling and growing, very much alive. My friend assured me it had been fed and was ready to go. So I decided I had to try it. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure I could handle something other than dry yeast, but it actually was very pleasant to knead, pliable and silky. After some research on how long to let it rise, and how exactly to bake my loaf, I was able, for the first time ever, to produce bread with the crustiest kind of crust. Hint: use a Dutch oven, bake first with the lid on, then with it off. Further experiments will follow, but I think I might actually be getting good at this!

Also, there’s a beautiful full moon out, the night is scented with jasmine, Matilda’s friend has a green saddle, and I’m still happily writing the new story I started. Today one of my friends was talking about the quarantine and he referred to it as “the big reset,” and so I’m hopeful that all of us who are lucky enough not to be on the frontlines of this, and lucky enough to be healthy, can use the experience for reflection and contemplation and emerge renewed.

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