Mary’s Back!

Y’all might remember how in October the statue of Mary Star of the Sea on top of the Basilica in Galveston was taken down in order to be restored. Y’all might remember too, the superstition according to which, as long as Mary stands on top of the Basilica, the Island won’t go under. Obviously we need her up there at a time like this. So here is some good news: Meticulously restored, Mary Star of the Sea has returned to the Island and is scheduled to resume her place on top of the Basilica next week. I imagine her protection reaches as far as Houston and beyond, so here’s hoping everything will be ok.

In the meantime today my friends dropped by fresh eggs (two dozen!), kombucha from the farmers market, and delicious food they cooked at my door. I shared some of my sourdough starter, and made them this wire bunny. It’s a little scrappy, as you can well imagine the 2020 Easter Bunny might be, but I do actually feel that this is a time of great kindness and generosity and that we’re all trying to help each other, cheer each other up, and even keep each other company remotely. So in some ways this is actually shaping up to be a good Easter for those of us who are lucky enough to be healthy and not on the front lines on the pandemic.

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