Crisp Spring Day

Today was the most beautiful crisp spring day. I started working on a new abstract painting. I also wrote a little. I’m 20,000 words into a new story. And I drove to the Heights to drop off a copy of Storms of Malhado on my mentor’s porch. He later sent me a picture of himself reading it.

It was nice and sunny out, the jasmine in bloom, magnolias too, and not many people were out and about in the Heights, so I actually took a nice long walk and enjoyed nature. It was beautiful, though in a way it was like visiting a ghost of my past life. I kept thinking of all the parties. I can’t drive to the Heights without missing the parties. I miss the parties oh so much! I miss talking to everyone from the security guard to the guests to the caterers. I miss lighting candles before the guests arrive and horsing around with Nancy when the party’s over. I can’t wait for all of that to be once again safe and doable and pretty much a constant in my life. Though, of course, I shall remain good and enjoy my quiet solo endeavors in this time of isolation.

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