Today I added Aquarius to the Astrology painting. Aquarius is very special to me, as some of my favorite people are Aquarians, including my old lizard. Aquarians are nonconformists forging their own path, very independent, highly intelligent, seekers of knowledge. Presented as the Bearer of Water, Aquarius is sometimes portrayed as holding a serpent in one hand. I learned that this animal stands for knowing the difference between good an evil, and that the sign’s symbol, two wavy lines, doesn’t symbolize water, but rather two serpents going in different directions.

I’m quite pleased with my rendition of Aquarius, though I will give the water some highlights with a silver pen when the paint dries.

Also, my top collectors, who take good care of me, brought me live lettuces today, which I planted, creating a Victory Garden in their honor. The Bob and Rosa Pollard Victory Garden is a very happy place, and I think I will be very happy and healthy eating these.

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