Today I painted Libra. Of course beautiful Libra is wearing an evening gown and has her hair pinned up in a lovely yet classic style. Libras are really into beauty and harmony. Personally I aspire to some of their qualities because my North Node is in Libra. Also, my mentor Ryan, whom I admire so much, is a Libra. I often find myself wondering: What would Ryan do?

My own world, far from Libra-like harmony, is often in chaos. Especially my art supplies. My closet is a volcano of colorful scarves and dresses. The only thing I manage to keep organized are my finances, which are a very important aspect of life. So perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I also can keep most plants alive – even orchids – and my little Leo dog is very happy.

Aside from painting Libra, today I made this collage inspired by the character of L in Lost Path to Solitude.

Dressed in black, she doesn’t fit in at all in the small town in Texas where she teaches college. She’s a poet. She wants to escape. She misses New York. She resentfully cares for her mother’s African Violets. Sometimes she drives a hundred miles for no reason. Sometimes she flies to New York just to have sushi with her brother. She wonders about the meaning of life. She likes the heavy scent of her yoga studio. She likes to imagine her therapist’s third eye. She loves words best of all. Her French is excellent. But what’s the point of it all?

Made with URstyle.

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