Pink Rose

What can be better than waking up, going downstairs, and finding a homemade chocolate olive oil cake on the counter? … More

Paris Quarantine

Today’s watercolor is inspired by a photo posted on Instagram by Parisian journalist and fashionista Valerie Tribes. She said the … More

A Haircut in Italy

This painting is inspired by a photo from Italy by @costanzo_dangelo which I saw on Instagram. The picture really spoke … More

Fun in the Park

Inspired by my mentor, John Ross Palmer, who spends a lot of his time outdoors during this strange social distancing … More

Maceo’s Tomato Gravy

Today I painted a jar of Maceo’s tomato gravy, because not only were they the sponsor of my Facebook Live … More

Horse-Drawn Streetcar

Today during Facebook Live I painted this horse-drawn streetcar. The picture I used for inspiration was taken in Bucharest sometime … More

Dramatic Orchids

Today I painted these dramatic orchids my friends brought me last night. They are quite spectacular! Also, I got two … More

Fast and Fun

Today I was preparing for a gallery visit, so instead of a more elaborate painting, I had to draw something … More

Salt Air and Sunshine

“You can’t write books about Galveston if you don’t live here,” Ronnie said laughing as I was enjoying my fish … More


Today Instacart brought me cava, white wine, and tempranillo, some of the favorite beverages of my VIPs, which I needed … More