Write Your Own Fortune

Today on my Facebook Live show I painted a fortune cookie. My friend ordered Chinese food from Taste of Szechuan for me for my birthday – actually she made sure it was delivered yesterday evening when I had a VVIP Sky Club Elite couple visiting, so we could enjoy it together and I didn’t have to cook. It came with fortune cookies, bien sur, and I figured a fortune cookie wrapped in plastic would be super fun to paint because of the transparencies and reflections. It was fun to paint indeed, but when I opened it, live on camera, it was empty. It occurred to me a little later that that’s because I write my own fortune.

On the blog tour today, there’s a playlist for Katie’s parents’ hurricane party.

Also, it seems important to mention that I’ve been hanging some of my quarantine art in the gallery, and that I uploaded pictures of Matilda the vintage carousel horse onto Society6, so that people can order prints and other products. I figure not everyone has room for a 57×58 inch carousel horse painting in their home, but perhaps some people would like a mini-print or a set of stationary cards.

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