Woman on Horse

Today my top collectors came by (with their masks on, of course!) to bring me grilled octopus and pick up their purple cauliflower watercolor. Then they spontaneously bought a large painting from my Arabesque series, a painting I really love, which was hanging right next to Matilda in my writing room upstairs. I’ll show you tomorrow what I replaced it with.

Then John texted me a picture of a woman on a horse, and while I was painting over Facebook Live, a mystery shopper bought it! It’s the first time a painting actually sells while I’m live. It was very exciting, especially since John kept asking who the mystery collector was and I wouldn’t tell him. His last comment on my Facebook Live video was “mean girl,” because that’s how we like to joke around and tease each other.

Of course, in my colorful little bubble of art and writing and fun friends who watch me do watercolors live and joke with me and bring me scrumptious treats, things are happy and lovely. And for that I am grateful. I have a great support group and wonderful ways to escape right now. But outside terrible, sad, heartbreaking things are happening and I am aware of these things. It’s like the 1960s are back – with an added plague. I don’t have words to write about all the sad things, but I do hope that through all the heartache and turmoil we are all transforming like butterflies and that our society will progress to a more just, wiser, and more empathetic one.

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