Time to Open Up

Outside my window the crepe myrtles are blooming, and for me, both as a small business, and as an introvert in isolation, it was time to open up a little. Today, with some much appreciated help from Picos restaurant, I had my very first socially distant VIP gallery visit. It was both so exciting and so terrifying, but, I think the rabbit hole can be a dangerous place for people like me who gladly retreat into imaginary worlds. It was time to get out of my own head a little and, once I did, I had the distinct sensation, which I’ve had many times in my life when enjoying an experience of expansion, that my own little corner of the Universe that I’ve taken refuge in is very very small and that there’s so much out there to enjoy and explore. I’m not advocating casting our masks and all our caution to the wind and going crazy, but a little bit of interaction with people we trust would probably do some of us good right about now. I was lucky that, because of the nature of the business I’m in, and my close relationship with my collectors, I was able to have my first socially distant gallery visit with people who feel like family, and with whom it was easy to test out what works, what’s fun, while still feeling safe. Picos really did help a lot. Their family style enchiladas were delicious, and the margarita kit was extremely thoughtful and came with everything we needed, including cups, ice, and a shaker. And they did send us a piñata! It’s not a horse, it’s a bottle of Cointreau, but I totally love it!

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